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Disclaimer:Immediate Lidex 3.0 is a cutting-edge software platform developed to streamline the interaction between traders and brokers who offer trading services for a wide range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, stocks, and more. It is vital to acknowledge that all forms of investment and trading carry inherent risks, which could lead to financial losses. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you refrain from investing funds that you cannot afford to lose. It is highly advisable to conduct thorough research, meticulously evaluate the associated risks, and carefully plan your budget before making any investment decisions.

Kindly note that our platform randomly suggests brokers in accordance with our partnership agreement. However, it is essential for you to conduct a meticulous assessment and investigation of the assigned broker to verify their adherence to all relevant regulations and industry standards. We highly recommend exercising due diligence and extensively researching the broker we allocate to you to ascertain their compatibility with your trading requirements.

Immediate Lidex 360


The Immediate 24 Lidex Platform utilizes a sophisticated algorithm within its trading system to provide users with reliable trading signals. This cutting-edge algorithm enables the platform to analyze live trading indicators, ultimately enhancing your trading profitability. By delivering real-time, precise, and dependable market analysis, the Immediate App Lidex Platform significantly elevates your chances of achieving success in your trades.

Immediate App Lidex


Immediate 24 Lidex is renowned as a leading trading robot within the industry, excelling in both auto trading and manual trading. Its exceptional performance caters to traders of all levels, from novices to seasoned experts. The cutting-edge robot empowers traders by enabling them to set predetermined rules, liberating them from constant supervision. Experience the convenience and efficiency by signing up for a complimentary Immediate App Lidex account today and embark on your trading journey.

Immediate Lidex 360


When it comes to safeguarding your investments, nothing is more paramount than ensuring their protection. At Immediate 24 Lidex, we prioritize the utmost safety and security of your deposited and earned funds, while also upholding the privacy of our users. Our cutting-edge security measures not only meet industry standards but exceed them. In addition, we take the extra step of verifying brokers, adhering to privacy regulations, and diligently safeguarding sensitive data to provide you with peace of mind.

Initiate Your Trading Experience with Immediate App Lidex Now!

The Immediate App Lidex crypto trading platform provides a distinctive community where users can leverage a sophisticated and intelligent system to generate a viable income by engaging in Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrency trades. Immediate 24 Lidex traders are presented with numerous prospects upon achieving successful trades on the platform. Members are recognized for maximizing their life potential and attaining gains beyond their initial expectations. Embrace the opportunity to join the exclusive circle of Immediate 24 Lidex members today, and witness comparable outcomes with just a few minutes of daily effort. Complete the brief registration form now and become a member without any delay!

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Immediate App Lidex is widely recognized as the top-performing trading software renowned for its remarkable precision. Traders worldwide have achieved an impressive success rate of 99.4% by leveraging the cutting-edge and user-friendly trading platform offered by Immediate 24 Lidex. Embracing this system has proved to be highly advantageous, prompting traders globally to place their unwavering faith in its capabilities.


Immediate App Lidex is a highly reputable and versatile trading software that excels in both automated and manual trading. With its user-friendly interface, it caters to traders of all levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. This cutting-edge robot grants traders the ability to establish customized trading strategies, freeing them from the need to closely monitor every move. By signing up for a complimentary Immediate 24 Lidex account, anyone can effortlessly dive into the world of trading.


When it comes to safeguarding your funds, ensuring their safety and security is of utmost importance. That's why Immediate App Lidex prioritizes the protection of both deposited and earned money, as well as the privacy of its users. Employing state-of-the-art security measures, Immediate App Lidex provides an advanced level of protection. In addition to this, Immediate 24 Lidex goes the extra mile by verifying brokers, adhering to privacy regulations, and consistently safeguarding sensitive data.

Open A Free Immediate App Lidex Account

Starting right from this very page, you have the convenience of filling out a user-friendly application form to initiate the account creation process. Simply enter the essential details, including your name, email address, and phone number, and proceed to submit the application. Rest assured, the information required is simple and straightforward. Once you've completed the registration with accurate and valid information, your access to our robust trading system will be granted instantly, completely free of charge.

Deposit Funds And Begin Investing

Once you are ready to begin trading, the next essential step is to fund your account. It is important to meet the minimum deposit requirement, which stands at $250. Your deposit serves as your initial capital to execute trades successfully. You have the flexibility to transfer funds directly from your bank account through wire transfer, or you can opt to use various payment methods such as credit or debit cards, as well as Netteler, to deposit funds into your dedicated trading account.

Enjoy the Auto or Manual Trading Benefits

The Immediate App Lidex Platform stands out from other crypto trading platforms due to its unique offering of both manual and automated trading options. While manual trading is ideal for experienced traders who are well-versed in the system, the Immediate Lidex 360 App also caters to those with limited experience or time through its cutting-edge auto trading functionality. By harnessing the power of the hyper-advanced Immediate Lidex 360 auto trading system, traders can eliminate the need for guesswork and rely on automated trading strategies. This remarkable feature is beneficial for traders of all levels, but particularly advantageous for beginners.

Immediate Lidex 360 System

The Immediate App Lidex System

Immediate Lidex 360 is an advanced platform designed to facilitate efficient cryptocurrency trading, whether manually or automatically. In manual mode, traders have the freedom to select their preferred assets and make trading decisions based on signals provided by the software. On the other hand, the automated method operates differently. By leveraging a sophisticated algorithm, users who opt for automation entrust the system to trade their assets on their behalf, exclusively when profitable opportunities arise. Immediate 24 Lidex simplifies your trading experience by conducting market analysis and identifying potential opportunities for you. It is highly versatile, accessible on any internet-connected device and compatible with all browsers. No matter where you are in the world, Immediate 24 Lidex is readily available. Rest assured, your investment is secure as the platform aids in analyzing market data, generating lucrative trading signals, and executing successful trades. With Immediate 24 Lidex, the potential for earning substantial profits is limitless, thanks to its ability to operate continuously.

In general, Immediate 24 Lidex operates on a dependable and precise trading algorithm. Therefore, as an authentic and secure trading platform, individuals can potentially achieve profits without exerting significant effort.

Immediate Lidex 360 Scam

While there may be skepticism surrounding Immediate App Lidex, it is important to note that it is not a fraudulent scheme.

When it comes to exploring an online trading platform, it's natural to have doubts and concerns. Nevertheless, Immediate App Lidex strives to alleviate any hesitations by prioritizing user satisfaction. With Immediate 24 Lidex's certification and verification, users can trust that they are engaging with a legitimate trading application. Countless individuals have already benefited from Immediate App Lidex's services, enhancing their profits in the cryptocurrency market. Rest assured, there are no grounds for the existence of a Immediate App Lidex scam.

Immediate Lidex 360

With our auto trading feature, individuals of all skill levels can effortlessly generate potential profits in a short amount of time, without having to commit excessive hours. By defining your own trade completion criteria, our software will execute trades according to your specified preferences. This significantly minimizes risks and eliminates the requirement for extensive knowledge of the financial markets. Achieving profitability right from the beginning is within reach for everyone.

Immediate Lidex 360 hand touches the chart

A History of Immediate App Lidex

Bitcoin, the pioneering digital currency, revolutionized the financial landscape when it emerged more than ten years ago. While Bitcoin was the trailblazer in this realm, there had been previous endeavors to establish digital currencies.

In the early months of 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto successfully mined the inaugural Bitcoin block, famously referred to as the Genesis Block. Fascinatingly, the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto remains a mystery to this day, leading many to believe it is merely a pseudonym. Building upon this groundbreaking milestone, Laszlo Hanyecz became the pioneer in making a tangible purchase using BTC in 2010.

In the year 2010, a significant turning point was witnessed with the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges. As time progressed, the world witnessed the rise of more than ten cryptocurrencies by 2013. However, the subsequent years brought about a remarkable surge in the number of cryptocurrencies, with thousands entering the market and experiencing substantial growth.

With the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies, an increasing number of global businesses, brands, and networks are embracing them as viable payment options.

The increasing demand has also resulted in a consistent surge in the worth of digital currencies and trading gains. Consequently, two significant advancements have emerged within the cryptocurrency industry:

  • An increasing number of individuals are accumulating, transacting, and gaining from cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Bitcoin has maintained its position as the foremost contender in the market.
  • Digital asset trading robots, like Immediate App Lidex, have been making it easy for people with little to no trading experience to buy, sell, and earn benefits from cryptocurrency trades.

Consequently, this implies that regardless of your skill level, you have the potential to generate profits through engaging in cryptocurrency trading.

Immediate 24 Lidex:

An All-Purpose Trading Solution

Immediate App Lidex is an innovative platform that empowers individuals to trade cryptocurrencies effortlessly. With its versatile manual and automatic trading capabilities, it offers a seamless experience for both novice and experienced traders. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or prefer to let the software take the reins, Immediate Lidex 360 ensures that trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is accessible to all, regardless of prior experience.

By utilizing cryptocurrency trades, it is possible for you to generate income effortlessly. Through the implementation of customizable rules and intelligent recommendations from the Immediate App Lidex platform, you can secure a substantial profit without needing to dedicate countless hours. The Immediate App Lidex App prioritizes aligning with your specific preferences and risk tolerance, ensuring that you can make well-informed financial choices. With just a few minutes of daily involvement, the trading system operates seamlessly. It grants you the flexibility to adjust the settings as needed, allowing you to adapt to market conditions and tailor the approach to your concerns and risk appetite. Ultimately, Immediate App Lidex leverages its expertise to assess market conditions and identify optimal trading opportunities based on your unique parameters.

The Primary Benefits of Immediate Lidex 360

While the Immediate App Lidex platform boasts numerous advantages for traders, it is the pivotal features that have propelled it to success as a leading cryptocurrency trading solution.

There are numerous factors contributing to the remarkable success experienced by Immediate App Lidex users. Let's explore a few of the standout attributes:

Enjoy a Complimentary Application for All Users

The Immediate App Lidex Platform is completely cost-free for all individuals. There are no obligatory charges for registration, downloading, depositing, or withdrawing. Additionally, the automated system does not deduct any commission from your earnings. Every trader utilizing the Immediate 24 Lidex platform retains full entitlement to all the profits they generate.

Fast Account Authentication

Ensuring the security of user accounts is an essential step, and at Immediate Lidex 360, we have streamlined and simplified the verification process. We prioritize speed and convenience, so all you need to do is provide accurate user information and payment details. Gone are the days of lengthy forms and waiting periods. Rest assured, our verification process may be quick and straightforward, but it never compromises on the constant protection of your account and funds.

Accepts Both Digital and Traditional Currencies

Immediate App Lidex also provides users with the opportunity to engage in trading activities involving a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Among the extensive list of crypto assets offered are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, XRP, and Dash. Additionally, the platform supports various fiat currencies such as the United States Dollars (USD), the Euro (EUR), and the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Convenient Fund Transfers

At Immediate 24 Lidex, managing your funds is a seamless process with swift deposit and withdrawal options. Take advantage of our wide range of accepted payment methods, including major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Additionally, we support popular e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. Rest assured that your funds will be promptly transferred to your preferred financial institution or bank account within 24 hours of submitting the withdrawal request form.

No Need to Download Any Software

Downloading the Immediate 24 Lidex software or its trading tools is unnecessary. Our platform, Immediate App Lidex, operates solely on the web, eliminating the need for any downloads, installations, or regular updates. You can access the program seamlessly through any browser on your desktop, laptop, mobile device, or tablet. Experience the convenience of our app, as it only requires a device and an internet connection.

Test Account

Immediate App Lidex platform caters to traders of all skill levels, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone. With its advanced automated trading functionality and the option to create a demo account, users can familiarize themselves with the system before engaging in live trading. The demo account allows traders to practice using virtual funds, honing their strategies and maximizing their potential for profitable outcomes.

Impressive Track Record

Immediate Lidex 360's impressive accuracy rate of 99.4% sets it apart from other trading robots in the market. This exceptional percentage not only enhances the app's credibility but also significantly boosts its effectiveness. With such remarkable precision, traders can potentially achieve more consistent and substantial earnings.

Support for Our Customers

Immediate App Lidex prioritizes customer support and ensures that all users have access to round-the-clock assistance. Our dedicated customer service team is readily available 24/7 to address any queries or concerns you may have. We understand the importance of effective communication, which is why our customer service is offered in multiple languages to cater to a diverse range of traders.

Fast Setup

Immediate 24 Lidex prides itself on being a user-centric platform, ensuring the registration process to establish a Immediate App Lidex account is seamless, efficient, and secure. The platform boasts intuitive navigation, making it accessible to both novice traders and those unfamiliar with automated trading.

Affordable Investment

At Immediate App Lidex, you will discover the opportunity to kickstart your crypto trading journey with just $250 as the initial investment. Moreover, you have the flexibility to invest as little as $25 for each trade, enabling you to delve into the world of cryptocurrencies without denting your finances.

Limitless Possibilities

Every individual has the chance to partake in the trading journey. Trading outcomes are not solely dependent on one's experience or knowledge of the financial markets. Therefore, every investor has the possibility to interact with the markets, while being mindful of the associated risks.

Outstanding Features of Immediate 24 Lidex

The Immediate App Lidex exchange platform has gained global recognition and appreciation for its wide range of features tailored for investors. Let's explore some of the platform's noteworthy attributes:

Immediate Lidex 360

Enhanced Backtesting Functionality

The trading platform provided by Immediate Lidex 360 offers an incredible range of backtesting capabilities, empowering users to thoroughly evaluate their strategies against past market conditions. By fine-tuning settings to align with present market dynamics during live trading, traders can optimize their investment potential and capitalize on profitable opportunities.

Immediate App Lidex

Practice Trading

Ensuring the utmost security of your account and funds is paramount at Immediate App Lidex. Our streamlined verification process eliminates the hassle of long forms and waiting periods, making it quick and effortless. Simply provide accurate user information and payment details to complete the mandatory verification process. Rest assured, your account and funds are safeguarded without any compromise on efficiency.

Immediate App Lidex

Real-Time Trading

Immediate 24 Lidex also offers users the opportunity to engage in trading activities involving a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Among the digital assets available for trading are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, XRP, and Dash. Additionally, users can also trade with various fiat currencies such as United States Dollars (USD), the Euro (EUR), and the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Immediate 24 Lidex

Automated Trading in Real-Time

At Immediate App Lidex, the process of depositing and withdrawing funds is designed to be effortless and efficient. We offer a wide range of payment options to cater to your needs, including major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Additionally, we accept popular e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill for added convenience. Rest assured, once you have completed the withdrawal request form, your funds will be swiftly transferred to your preferred financial institution or bank account within a maximum timeframe of 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that when it comes to considering an investment opportunity, it is only natural to have uncertainties. We completely understand and anticipate that you may have queries. To address any concerns promptly, we have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions along with their respective answers. In the event that you are unable to locate the answer to your specific question, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Rest assured that we will respond to your inquiry at the earliest convenience.

What exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency, often referred to as a cryptocurrency. It operates without the need for a central bank or administrator. Bitcoin can be used to purchase various goods and services, as an increasing number of merchants are accepting both traditional money and Bitcoin.
To conduct a Bitcoin transaction, simply send a complete bitcoin or a fraction of it to the seller or merchant. The transaction details are securely recorded in a public ledger known as the blockchain.

Is Bitcoin similar to conventional currency?

While a bitcoin may not physically resemble a traditional note or coin, its value remains intact. It exists as a digital file stored within a virtual wallet application, which can be conveniently accessed through smartphones or computers.

What is the current worth of a Bitcoin?

The price of bitcoin has undergone significant fluctuations over time. In its inception in 2009, the value of a bitcoin was below $1. However, in March 2014, its value surged to approximately $700. The most remarkable increase occurred in December 2017, when it reached an all-time high of $20,000. Experts in market analysis anticipate that by the conclusion of 2020, the value of one bitcoin could potentially reach $50,000.

What is the functioning principle of Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are powered by digital transactions, allowing them to function as a form of currency with significant value. Visualize cryptocurrencies as digital blocks securely stored in a virtual wallet. When conducting a transaction, these digital blocks are transferred from the buyer to the seller. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be utilized to buy tangible products and services or exchanged for traditional cash. To ensure the safety and legitimacy of each transaction, the system verifies them thoroughly.

What sets Bitcoin apart from conventional currency?

Firstly, Bitcoin offers a higher level of security compared to physical cash or traditional currency. Moreover, it is recognized as a legitimate form of cryptocurrency in the United States and is increasingly being embraced by merchants for transactions. Additionally, the value of individual Bitcoins exceeds that of conventional currency.
One noteworthy distinction between Bitcoin trading and regular currency exchange is the absence of central control. Unlike government or bank-controlled currencies, Bitcoin transactions can be conducted anonymously, as account numbers cannot be identified without explicit disclosure.
Furthermore, Bitcoin possesses an inherent advantage over traditional currency as it is immune to counterfeiting or fraudulent replication. The creation of fake Bitcoins or unauthorized duplication is simply not feasible.

Who can access Immediate App Lidex? Is trading experience necessary?

Immediate App Lidex PTE. LTD.
WeWork 8 Cross Street: 8 Cross Street, Singapore 048424 is the ultimate crypto trading platform that guarantees user-friendly navigation for traders of all levels. Whether you are a seasoned expert or just starting out in the market, our platform is tailored to meet your trading needs.
With the latest app update, we have introduced a range of new customizable elements to enhance your automated trading experience. Now, setting up your trading parameters for auto trading has never been easier.
Even if you are an experienced trader, Immediate App Lidex PTE. LTD.
WeWork 8 Cross Street: 8 Cross Street, Singapore 048424 has plenty to offer you. Put your trading strategies to the test and refine your analysis for more accurate results.
Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes to managing your trades. Opt for the auto-trading feature, allowing our software to identify the best opportunities for you. Alternatively, take full control by selecting the 'manual' option and execute trades on your own terms.

Is trading on the platform complex?

The Immediate App Lidex trading platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals of all experience levels to participate. Whether you prefer to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone, our platform is easily accessible on any device. Rather than engaging in traditional buying and selling of Bitcoin, our platform allows you to trade CFDs (Contract for Differences). By simply analyzing and predicting the Bitcoin price movement, you have the opportunity to profit from both upward and downward market trends.

What is the operational mechanism of the Immediate Lidex 360 trading platform?

Immediate 24 Lidex is an advanced automated trading platform that specializes in trading Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. With its cutting-edge software and algorithm, this platform has consistently been recognized and awarded for its exceptional market analysis capabilities and its ability to identify highly profitable trading opportunities. By analyzing data from past and current markets, Immediate 24 Lidex algorithm utilizes technical analysis to assess the prevailing market conditions.
The highly sophisticated software of Immediate Lidex 360 ensures an astonishingly accurate market analysis, ranging between 99.4% and 100% precision. Furthermore, it provides an ultra-fast 0.01 second advantage in market inquiries, granting you a valuable edge in making informed trading decisions. The software's reliability and accuracy enable you to engage in safe and consistent trading activities.
When utilizing the auto trading feature of Immediate App Lidex, you have the freedom to adjust various trading parameters according to your preferences. These parameters include:
- Selection of asset types for trading
- Determining the desired investment amount
- Setting the desired risk level
- Choosing specific trading strategies
Whether you are a novice or an expert trader, the auto trading mode offered by Immediate Lidex 360 caters to traders of all levels. This feature allows the software to handle the majority of the trading process on your behalf. By configuring your preferred parameters, you enable Immediate Lidex 360 to scour the market and identify trading opportunities that align with your specific criteria. Once a suitable opportunity is found, the software executes a trade under your account.
Immediate App Lidex also provides a manual trading mode, granting experienced traders full control over their investments. This option is often favored by seasoned traders who prefer to have complete autonomy and decision-making authority over their trades.
Choose the trading mode that best suits your personal style and preferences!

What kind of outcomes can I expect from using the Immediate Lidex 360 Application?

By dedicating sufficient time and effort, you can anticipate favorable outcomes. The magnitude of your financial gains corresponds to the capital you invest and the extent to which you ensure accurate trade execution and parameter settings. Members within the Immediate App Lidex community have experienced significant returns on their investments, with some individuals even attaining daily profits of up to $1,500.
However, it is important to note that the amount of money you earn is contingent upon various factors beyond your control, such as market conditions and trends. Additionally, other key elements to consider are your initial investment, your risk tolerance, the effectiveness of your trading strategy, your comprehension of the market, the timing of your trades, and your ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics.

What can I realistically expect to earn?

There is an immense potential for earning significant profits on our platform. However, various factors can influence the potential returns you may achieve. Volatility and market liquidity are among the key factors that can impact your trading outcomes.
Despite the inherent risks, Immediate App Lidex stands out as an exceptionally sophisticated trading robot, equipped with the capability to autonomously identify lucrative trading opportunities. The actual profits generated may vary based on your selected settings, investment amounts, and the frequency of trades executed.

What advantages does the auto-trading functionality in Immediate Lidex 360 provide?

Engaging in online trading can be a daunting task, filled with complexities and uncertainties. Every split-second hesitation can potentially result in missed opportunities or, worse yet, losing trades. Fortunately, there are trading robots available that can alleviate the stress and make decisions on your behalf. Our cutting-edge Immediate App Lidex software stands out as the most advanced, capable of making intelligent and instantaneous choices.
One key distinction between humans and trading robots lies in emotions. It is not uncommon for traders to start losing money, which often triggers panic and urgency. This emotional response can lead to reckless actions, such as impulsively investing more money into a failing trade in hopes of recovering profits. The Immediate App Lidex software operates differently, relying solely on statistical data and analysis to make decisions. It remains unaffected by emotions, ensuring that all trades are executed based on the parameters you set.
For beginners who lack extensive trading experience, the auto trading mode is highly recommended. This feature enables the software to make trading decisions automatically on your behalf. However, if you desire complete control over every decision made, you can easily switch to manual mode and immerse yourself in the full trading experience. It should be noted that the manual mode is most suitable for individuals with ample experience in the field.
Instead of spending sleepless nights analyzing the financial market, allow Immediate 24 Lidex to do the heavy lifting for you. Our software simply requires a few minutes of your daily time to set up your desired parameters. Once configured, Immediate App Lidex automatically executes trades when market conditions align with your trading criteria, ensuring that you never miss out on fantastic opportunities.

What are the fees associated with Immediate App Lidex?

Immediate Lidex 360 is completely free for all users. It offers numerous advantages:
No concealed charges;
No fees on the profits you earn;
You have complete ownership of every Bitcoin earned;
All the funds you invest are yours, and you have the flexibility to withdraw them at any given time, along with any accrued profits;

What is the process to get started with Immediate 24 Lidex?

Opening a Immediate Lidex 360 account is a quick and easy process, consisting of just two steps:
Step 1: Sign up
Step 2: Activate your account
To activate your account, simply fill out the registration form provided. This form will ask for your personal details, including your name, email address, and phone number. Once you've completed the form, click submit to activate your account.
After activating your account, the next step is to fund it with an initial deposit of at least $250. This deposit serves as your trading capital, enabling you to execute trades and generate profits.
Rest assured, any funds you deposit and profits you earn are entirely yours. You can withdraw your funds at your convenience, without any restrictions.

What is the daily time commitment required?

Immediate App Lidex automates market analysis so you can enjoy your day without being glued to your computer screen. It allows you to generate profits while pursuing your passions.
The setup process for Immediate App Lidex software is quick and effortless, taking just a few minutes of your time. This ensures that all trades are executed successfully based on your specific conditions.
Customize your trading experience by selecting the assets or cryptocurrencies you wish to trade, determining your desired investment amount, and choosing the level of risk you are comfortable with.
You can also specify the strategies you want the software to employ.

Immediate 24 Lidex software takes care of all the hard work on your behalf, adhering to your defined trading requirements.

Immediate Lidex 360 Highlights

🤖 Robot Name Immediate App Lidex
💸 Minimum Deposit $250
💰 Trading Fees None
💰 Account Fees None
⌛ Withdrawal Timeframe 24 hours
💱 Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
💲 Supported Fiats USD, EUR, GBP
🖥️ Free Demo Account Yes
🎧 Customer Support Live Chat